What a Run!

This morning I thought it would be a great idea to go for a run.  Dad left me home this morning when he went for the gym, usually this is our park time, so I was already ticked off at him.

When I heard his car coming into the driveway I knew it was time to put my plan into action.  I waited by the door and as soon as he opened it I bolted out, took a quick left and jumped off the deck.  I knew that if I slowed down Dad would catch me, so I kept on trucking right into the field next door, and hid under a giant spruce tree.  By the time Dad got around the corner I was completely incognito.  Somehow Dad knew where I was though, and I saw him bend down and pick something up.  He yelled “Heeere Winnie, look!”.  I tried so hard not to look, but he knew my weakness…what if he had a bone, or a giant six foot stick for me to grab?  I knew it might be a trick, but I couldn’t resist.  I figured if I ran up to him fast enough to see what he had that he would not be able to catch me, and I was right!

I did a quick pass one way and saw that it was indeed a stick that he had, not a six-footer, but it looked amazing!  I quickly whipped around and sat at Dad’s feet…he threw the stick in the air about four feet total, and quickly grabbed me..I had been outsmarted by my own curiosity…not the first or last time I am sure.

The run was just what I needed, but there was one thing I forgot to consider.  It is allergy season.  The field and I don’t really agree during allergy season, and Dad told me that my eyes were really red now.  I don’t see it, but here is a quick selfie I took after the run…was it worth it you ask?  Absolutely!



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