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Welcome to the World According to Winston

Welcome to the World According to me, Winston the English Bulldog.  This blog will feature commentary about virtually anything and everything in the world, through the eyes of both, me, as well as his owner Matt, who is a 28 year old husband, and is my Dad.

A bit about me.  Almost three years ago Matt and his soon to be wife were faced with the predicament of being evicted from their rental home due to the home being sold.  They decided that the time was right to expand their family.  They tell me that they had always wanted an English Bulldog because they had dog-sat a girl named Lina in the past, and had fallen in love with her charming personality.

As luck would have it, they searched and we able to find me, a short 5 hour drive from their home, in Nigadoo, New Brunswick.  When the first met me, I was just born 3 weeks ago, but my story is already very unique.  My Doggie Mom, although she loved me very much, was unable to properly care for me, as she had hurt some of my brothers and sisters in the past, entirely by accident.  As a result of this, I was placed with a surrogate Doggie Mom named Annie, and even though we were English Bulldogs and she was a Poodle, she took my brother and I in as her own with her litter of Labradoodles. When I turned 8 weeks old, Matt and my Mom came to pick me up, and the rest, as they say is history!

Some of the things I like to do now that I am grown up include going to the dog park here on PEI, going for car rides and taking in the sights with Matt, and maybe most of all eating and sleeping.

I can hardly wait to see what adventures me and Dad will post on this blog!



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